An ISO 9001:2015 certified company Sondhi Enterprises, is actively engaged in offering an assortment of services namely- Acrylic Coating, Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Gloss Painting, Heat Reflective Coating, Polymer Modified Coating, Rubberised Waterproof Coating and Seal Coating. The company has under taken important projects with leading organizations.


Sondhi Enterprises engages the services of professional engineers and skilled workers for providing varied services. We offer best and economical treatment for leakage and seepage problem for the roof, walls, water tanks, swimming pools, basements, terrace garden. Epoxy flooring, anti corrosive coatings. We make the work area waterproof with various types of treatments which are economically feasible too. Varied services we offer includes :
  • Acrylic Coating
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Epoxy Gloss Painting
  • Heat Reflective Coating
  • Polymer Modified Coating
  • Rubberised Waterproof Coating
  • Seal Coating
  • Polymer Modified Bitumen Membrane

The company is a leading name in the industry offering Acrylic Coating, Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Gloss Painting, Heat Reflective Coating, Polymer Modified Coating, Rubberised Waterproof Coating and Seal Coating services. Every undertaking of the company emanates professionalism and vivacity, with concentration on speed, assurance and dependability. The long list of satisfied clients is a testimony of the company’s high level of customer centric approach. The company is a preferred choice among the customers for availing the various dependable services.

Acrylic Coating We offer highly dependable Acrylic Coating Service which includes waterproofing. The White Water Proofer (WWP) or Acrylic Coating is carried out to create a tough and abrasion resistant film, seals hairline cracks, totally and acts as an effective barrier against water, moisture and atmospheric impurities. read more...

Heat Reflective Coating Sondhi Enterprises undertakes Heat Reflective Coating services that are termed as the best in the domain. Heat Reflective Coating also known as Kool Kote contains the highest quality Pure Acrylic Resins combined with insulating and reflective fillers. Heat Reflective Coating is a bright white elastomeric coating having high reflectivity to sun's rays, this helps in keeping interiors cool during hot summer months. read more...

Polymer Modified Coating We are one of the prominent service providers, specializing in Polymer Modified Coating. The Polymer Modified Coating is a two component Polymer Modified Cementitious Coating. The grey colored membrane coating is a flexible water proof barrier, which helps in preventing ingress of water on most masonry surfaces including concrete water retaining structures. read more...

Rubberised Waterproof Coating When it comes to high quality Rubberised Waterproof Coating, Sondhi Enterprises services the best in the industry. Rubberised Waterproof Coating is also known as Bituminous Rubber Coating. By carrying out Rubberised Waterproof Coating we can remove all existing treatments if any, clean the surface of dust, loose particles, oils and grease. read more...

Silicon Coating The expertise of the company lies in offering efficient Seal Coating Services. Seal Coating or Clear sealer is a solvent based, colorless, low viscosity penetrating type sealer coating. The Seal Coating penetrates into the surface allowing the solvents to evaporate and the active ingredients stay in blocking the pores in the surface. read more...

Epoxy Flooring We are one of the leading service providers, specializing in Epoxy Flooring. The Epoxy Flooring or the High Build Epoxy Flooring is a high build self smoothing Seamless Epoxy resin floor finish. Epoxy Flooring is suitable to be applied onto most surfaces to provide a waterproof, dustproof and hard wearing surface with excellent chemical resistance. The Epoxy Flooring we carry out provides excellent resistance to oil grease, moisture, dirt, etc. read more...

Epoxy Anti Corrosive Painting We are one of the eminent service providers, specializing in Epoxy Gloss Painting (Anti Currosive Coating). Epoxy Gloss Painting is an excellent means of resisting a wide range of chemicals, fresh and salt water, mineral oils, petrol, diesel etc. We make available Epoxy compositions are available with both polyamide and amine adduct curing agent. read more...

Terrace Garden Services

Terrace Garden Services offered are handled by experts who have with them rich and extensive experience in developing patch of greenery in available terrace  spaces.


Waterproofing Treatment Solution

We at Sondhi Enterprises are  Waterproofing Experts, consultants , Applicators, distributors & Brand Owner Of  Rain Guard Provide Solution For All Kind Of Waterproofing Treatments For Roof, Wall, Basement, Terrace Garden, Swimming Pool, Water Tanks Along With Epoxy Flooring.

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