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RAIN GUARD V2K Polymer Modified Bitumen Membrane

RAIN GUARD V2K Polymer Modified Bitumen Membrane

Providing & laying of waterproofing treatment with RAIN GUARD V2K a prefabricated modified polymer bitumen membrane composed of distilled bitumen and Elasto-Plastomers having excellent ageing properties, cold flexibility, durability and a very high elasticity consisting of five layers center core consists of high molecular high density polyethylene both sides covered with APP polymer modified distilled bitumen with properties of high softening point, heat resistance and high penetration. The APP polymer modified bitumen protected with thermo fusible high molecular density polyethylene film. The polymeric membrane has elongation exceeding 300% to absorb all structural movements. It also has a very high tensile strength and cold resistively to adopt all contours & minor puncture resistant properties. Application Process :
  • The surface has to be cleaned to have a smooth surface
  • Apply a coat of Bitumen PRIMER @ 0.5 lit/sqm
  • Sealing the cracks with Joint Filler Compound
  • A Coat of Graded hot Bitumen is coated on the surface @ 1.kg/sqm
  • Rain Guar V2k is unrolled over the coated surface and bonded completely on the substrate with overlaps of 10 cm side laps & 15 cm end laps
  • Rain Guar V2k is to be topped with a second layer of Graded hot Bitumen @ 1.Kg/Sqm
Technical Specifications
Characteristics of Polymer Modified Bitumen Makpolyplast Regular
Thickness2.00 mm + 15%
Softening point150o C + 5%
Penetration25 mm + 5%
Characteristics of Membrane
Thickness of Polyethylene Core0.090 mm
Cold resistively-15 oC does not break
Heat Resistance Does not drip at130oC
Tensile StrengthLength wise : 150 N/5cm
Cross wise : 140 N/5cm
ElongationLength wise : 340 %
Cross wise : 345 %
Low Temperature Flexible-15o C does not drip

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